Nuovo ammortizzatore cane creek dbinline

Cane Creek wowed the industry when it introduced its ultra-compact 4-way adjustable DB Inline shock back in High and low speed compression and rebound, plus a Climb Switch, in a piggyback-less air shock? It seemed to good to be true—and it sort of was. Cane Creek sealed OEM deals with major brands to spec the coveted Inline on their highest-end builds. Everyone who rode the shock was impressed with its performance, but it was so fraught with reliability issues that many riders only got a few fleeting moments of bliss before blow-out.

That pretty much sums up the Inline. I suffered a broken bone after just a handful of rides on the Air IL, which left it sitting in my shop for the next three months. When I was finally healed up, I dusted off my trusty steed and broke out the shock pump, fully expecting the shock to have lost pressure during the downtime.

nuovo ammortizzatore cane creek dbinline

Shocks undergo a ton of stress and most will eventually fail, especially without regular maintenance. What I can say though, is that so far, the Air IL is a huge improvement over the Inline as far as reliability is concerned. But the Air IL is much more than just its knobs. The shock manages oil flow incredibly well, without feeling over-damped. Lighter damping is beneficial for lighter-weight riders as well, especially on the rebound stroke.

Die Feder bei einem can Creek double Barrel coil härter machen

All in all the Air IL has been an impressive shock, offering excellent adjustment with top notch damping quality and consistency. I just hope it keeps on ticking. According to Cane Creek, chances are pretty good that it will. The Air IL is available in 15 sizes, including most standard and metric measurements, and a few custom lengths for Ibis and Specialized.

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Standard sizes available: x 38 x 44 x 50 x 50 x 57 x 63 Metric sizes available: x 30 x 35 x 40 x 45 x 50 x 55 Custom sizes available: x 42 — Ibis Ripley x 57 — Specialized Enduro x 50 — Specialized Stumpjumper Remotes are a band-aid for bad kinematics or bad dampers, and they clutter up the cockpit. It was like when I first got a dropper post. I started out with it all the way up on climbs, and all the way down on descents.

But then came infinitely adjustable posts with easy-to-reach shifter type levers, and now I adjust my post as often as I shift.A wonderfully performing shock let down by reliability. On top of four independent damping adjustments, the air spring can easily be tuned by adding volume spacers to increase bottom-out resistance and progressivity.

It also features a new flexible rubber membrane that separates the damper oil from the nitrogen-charged chamber that cleverly surrounds the shock eyelet area and compensates for oil displacement when the shock is compressed. The upshot of all this technology is reduced stiction, and having tested it on several bikes, over as many months, my conclusion is this is the best performing trail bike shock available.

Grip levels, off-the-top, are superb, as is the ability to track the ground and handle high-speed compressions when riding over repeated roots or rock gardens. Support, right throughout the stroke, can be perfectly tailored to how supple or poppy you want the bike to feel — assuming of course you have a good idea what the dials do. The Cane Creek DBinline would be looking at a perfect score here but there are some quirks and reliability issues. Cane Creek has a potentially class-leading product in the DBinline.

Home Reviews Products Shocks. Product Overview Overall rating: Score 8. Watch: will it be bested by the Ohlins STX22? Details Weight: grams including hardware. Sizes: mm to mm plus various eye-to-eye.

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Contact: extrauk.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Passa al contenuto principale.

Cane Creek DB Inline

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Vedi: Elenco. EUR 25,00 spedizione. Osservato da 4 persone. EUR 10,99 spedizione. Osservato da 5 persone. Vedi oggetti simili.

EUR 10,00 spedizione. Nuova inserzione Molla coil spring ammortizzatore shock cane creek valt 2. EUR 3,39 spedizione. EUR 5,08 spedizione. Osservato da 28 persone. EUR 2,03 spedizione. EUR 18,76 spedizione. Spedizione gratis. Osservato da 23 persone. Osservato da 18 persone. EUR 11,90 spedizione.

Novità: Cane Creek Db Inline, tante innovazioni in una

EUR 17,02 spedizione. EUR 22,00 spedizione. Solo 1 rimasto! EUR 18,72 spedizione. EUR 18,65 spedizione.Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Login with Facebook. I was all over the DBInline after it was introduced, with high expectations.

Unlike previous versions of the DB shocks, the DBInline has been cut down in size to save on weight and packaging. Cane Creek discovered that the membrane was all that was needed for shorter-travel rear shocks.

Below is a graphic representation of how the rebound and compression circuits work with and without the climb switch. In all cases, you can see the suspension fluid flowing fully from the inside tube through the dampening circuits, then back out to the outside tube. In rebound, fluid flows from the back side of the piston, to the outside tube, then through the dampening circuits, and back to the top side of the piston.

Cane Creek DBCoil InLine shock review

In compression, flow is reversed. In both cases the membrane takes up any surge of fluid, preventing cavitation. Not in the least. You still get the Twin-Tube design that the DB series shocks are famous for.

No matter which way you look at it, you still get the same four-way independent adjustments. For the shorter-travel bikes that do spend considerable time going both up and down, an easy-to-use climb switch that sits around the LSC dial makes changing rates easy.

For more information on the Climb Switch be sure to check out this previous article. A 6mm hex key is all you need. Depending on what bike you ride, you will need to order a few new kits. Installation of the hardware takes just a few minutes, and it can be pressed in by hand. I say go with new hardware versus trying to make do with what you already have: you will get longer life out of the deal.

nuovo ammortizzatore cane creek dbinline

Slide the shock in place and loosely screw in both sides of the shock first, before torquing it down. That way you can avoid cross threading a bolt into your frame. Once both sides are in, torque the bolts to the factory-recommended torque values using a torque wrench.

With the hardware installed, setting up the rear shock is just a matter of following the supplied tuning guide. The shock comes already setup with factory settings. I went with them for a little while to feel things out. With many rides along the Don trails and Albion Hill trails, I found that I was hard-pressed to really nail down any changes I needed to make to these settings.

But being a rider who likes things a bit more compliant in the beginning of the stoke with it ramping up faster later in the stroke, I ended up with these settings:. This setup allows for a sensitive rear end, but when things get a bit rougher, the spacer in the air can ups the spring rate mid to end stroke. Performance is what Cane Creek is all about. The new DBInline is light years ahead of what came stock on the bike!

I found that I rarely needed to use the Climb Switch. When I did need it, it was mostly on the longer climbs. The added dampening was very welcome, especially when my legs were feeling like jelly. As far as pointing the bike down and going fast, there is nothing better to date for a shock without a reservoir.

I really prefer the ability to tune the shock my way, and not what some other person or focus group wants. Once the DBinline was set to my liking, I found the ride to be much more satisfying. There was no compromise in ride quaility due to being limited to a choice of one of three settings.Cane Creek ha appena presentato un nuovo ammortizzatore, il Db Inline pensato per Mtb da mm di travel e ispirato al celebre Double Barrel Air.

Quando si attiva la leva del Climb Switch si va a ingaggiare un differente circuito idraulico.

Cane Creek presenta l’ammortizzatore DBinline

Nelle immagini in basso si possono vedere gli effetti del Cs sul circuito della compressione. Tante regolazioni, quindi, ma alla portata di un numero maggiore di utenti. Per informazioni www. Ecco tutti gli articoli realizzati dallo staff di MtbCult. La redazione di MtbCult. Skip to content. Di Redazione MtbCult - 19 Maggio 6. Nuova Manitou R7 e ammortizzatore Mara: un kit da Xc super raffinato. Mondiali Mtb Leogang: Italia sul podio con Lechner.

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Per maggiori informazioni riguardo i cookies Ok Privacy policy.Ammortizzatore cane creek double barrel usato. Vendo cane creek double barrel In ottime condizioni e perfettamente funzionante Vendo Cane Creek Double Barrel.

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Vendo Cane Creek Double Barrel usato ma in ottime condizioni. Per altre info Cane creek double barrel air amortisseur shock. Scambio con cane creek double barrel. Vendo ammortizzatore cane creek double barrel cane creek double barrel air cs ammortizzatore teflon- boccola comperato l'anno scorso.

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Cane creek double barrel air rear shock 9. Ammo cane creek double barrell non in foto. Cane creek double barrel 1 black steel spring. Cane creek double barrel aufkleber sticker. Ammortizzatore double barrel db coil cs trunnion. Le coordinate bancarie verranno comunicate di volta in volta.

Ammortizzatore posteriore double barrel coil il. Salve a tutti, Come da titolo vendo Rear shock absorber Double in garanzia. Condizioni perfette Compreso nel prezzo diversi accessori. Cane creek double barrel air volume reducing. Come da titolo vendo ammortizzatore posteriore cane creek double barrel air cs.

Dalle foto potete vedere che si tratta di capo assolutamente originale e in perfetto stato. Vendo cane creek double barrel con funzioni aggiuntive. Tutto in perfette condizioni. Vendo a ,78 euro poco trattabili. Cane creek valtrad lightweight ammortizzatore. Cane creek double barrel air cs ammortizzatore teflon- boccola comperato l'anno scorso.

Cane creek double barrel montagebuchsen Cane creek double barrel air cs ammortizzatore teflon- boccola comperato l'anno scorso. Cane creek double barrel du bushing norglide. Vendo mono cane creek double barrel air: regolazione della compressione bassa e alta velocita' e del rimbalzo.Cane Creek developed an air-sprung version of the DB coil that saved considerable weight, and then an even lighter, smaller air shock called DB InLine, suitable for shorter travel bikes.

The latest shrunk-down InLine switches to a coil spring for the added performance and consistency some riders want, and the total weight is still very reasonable — roughly g heavier than equivalent piggy back air shocks.

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Both bring an immediate extra dimension of grip and control and a more supportive feel through the mid stroke over the stock Monarch Plus air shock. Another clear benefit is how well the rear tracks multiple hits, roots or beat up tracks especially on the brakes coming hot into corners or scrubbing speed on super steep chutes.

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Durability was excellent, working hard throughout hard UK winter conditions and multiple weeklong foreign riding trips with zero issues or loss of performance.

If you want a reliable shock that noticeably increases performance in terms of grip and control, is great value and light enough for even short travel trail bikes though; this DB InLine will make a brilliant upgrade. Home Reviews Products Shocks. A brilliant upgrade. Product Overview Overall rating: Score 9. Verdict If you want a reliable shock that noticeably increases performance in terms of grip and control, is great value and light enough for even short travel trail bikes though; this DB InLine will make a brilliant upgrade.

Details Weight: g no spring. Sizes: x 50mm, x 51mm, x 57mm, x 63mm tested. Contact: extrauk.

nuovo ammortizzatore cane creek dbinline

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