Free therapy near me

Everyone needs it from time to time…someone to talk to, to listen, to understand, to offer guidance. At St. Petersburg Counseling, you have found the help you need to heal from the hurts and disappointments of life, to meet new challenges, and to move on into a bright, new future filled with new dreams. Expert counseling is available for all ages to address depression, grief, anxiety, alcohol and drug problems, healing from abuse, dealing with separation and divorce, and much more.

In addition to various types of individual counseling, pre-marital and marriage counseling are also offered.

Special attention is given to couples preparing for marriage using the Prepare-Enrich program.

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With divorce claiming almost half of all marriages in our country today, every effort is made to help couples get off to a strong start, and remain as healthy as possible. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems. Using Prepare-Enrich, couples will complete an online assessment to gain a realistic understanding of their relationship strengths and areas for improvement.

Once this highly thorough and accurate assessment is finished, couples are given practical tools they can begin using immediately and for years to come.

Please visit our Premarital Counseling page to learn more. Prepare-Enrich is also useful for enhancing the relationships of couples who are already happily married. If difficult and complicated problems are bringing challenges into your relationship, more intense marriage counseling is also offered.

After years of research and practice, powerful and practical help is available for even the most serious marriage problems. Using tried and true methods of Couples Therapy, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, our therapists can help bring major change you may have never thought possible! Whether you want individual, couples, or family counseling, the start of change is just moments away! Please contact us today!

If you have any questions or comments please fill out the following form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. If you are human, leave this field blank. Full Name. Close Gallery. Marriage Counseling Even the most troubled relationships can be saved. Client Review. Donna gave me the tools I needed to battle my depression and anxiety.

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I'm so happy to have found SPC!! I highly recommend going here if you're looking for a counselor! We Accept:. Petersburg Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families Start Dreaming Everyone needs it from time to time…someone to talk to, to listen, to understand, to offer guidance. Premarital Counseling and Marriage Enhancement through the Prepare-Enrich Program Special attention is given to couples preparing for marriage using the Prepare-Enrich program.Before you can choose a therapist, you have to decide how you're going to pay for it.

We guide you through the pros and cons of using insurance, self-pay, state-funded and non-profit providers.

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These agencies are often the first stop for people with no or limited health insurance. Most will not turn people away regardless of their ability to pay. Depending on the severity of the thoughts and the likelihood of acting, different types of care are recommended. We lead you through the options. As we head deeper into the United States presidential election cycle, many of us are struggling At OpenCounseling, we believe in the power of therapy to help people overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, In our recent in-depth article on marriage counseling, we mentioned that marriage therapy is one of Ever since Consumer Reports tested different types of therapy in the s and found marriage counseling Not everyone has an insurance policy that includes mental health coverage.

But even people who do may How much does therapy cost? It seems like such a simple question, but the reality of modern-day healthcare You thought you were doing the right thing—seeking therapy to work on psychological healing or OpenCounseling is user supported. We may earn a commission when you follow affiliate links. Learn more.

Find Affordable Counseling. Search by location:. Search Now. Your Guide to Affordable Therapy. How to Pay for Therapy Before you can choose a therapist, you have to decide how you're going to pay for it.

How to Choose a Therapist. How Much Does Therapy Cost? State-Funded Counseling. Medicare Mental Health Coverage. Medicaid Mental Health Coverage. Non-Profit Counseling. Community Counseling Agencies: What To Expect These agencies are often the first stop for people with no or limited health insurance.

Church and Faith Based Counseling Centers. Online Counseling. Private Practice. Talking about money can be difficult with your therapist.

free therapy near me

This is how to do it. This is how to fight back.

free therapy near me

Have a PPO? Affordable Marriage Counseling Counseling for Veterans.Mental health services, including mental health clinics, are needed by anyone with a mental health condition.

These services include mental health medication prescription and management, substance abuse treatmentspecific therapies and more. Mental health services are typically paid for by insurance or out-of-pocket but low-cost or free mental health services are also available in most communities. This treatment services locator can find all the mental health services and substance abuse services in a given area. Once you have entered your address information, the services locator will list services by type: either mental health or substance abuse narrow down your search by selecting only one type in the box in the upper-right corner of your screen.

The website, directions to the facility and contact information is listed. If you click on the More Information link for any service, payment information is available along with other information about the service.

Free or Low-Cost Counseling in Dallas, TX

Services at some mental health clinics and other services are on a sliding scale based on income and other factors. Listed in the above treatment locator is whether the facility accepts insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or other forms of payment. It's best to contact any facility to see specifically if they offer the free mental health service that you need.

Additionally, local charity organizations often provide mental health services, sometime for free, or know of places where you can get them.

Examples of these organizations include:. Universities or teaching hospitals in your area may also offer mental health services, including some free services. Contact those in your area to find out. Mental Health America provides a directory of specialized organizations that can provide information about specialized services in your area and can be found here. Through the Veteran's Administration, most veterans can get free mental health services including free mental health counseling.

Services are particularly focused around substance abuse, suicide prevention and posttraumatic stress disorder treatment, but other conditions are treated as well. Access to these free mental health services can be found through Vet Centers.

Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD. All Rights Reserved. The Lifeline, which is free and confidential, can not only provide immediate support for those going through a rough time but they can also make referrals to mental health services near you.

Find out the reasons why people call a suicide crisis hotline. Finding Low-Cost or Free Counseling or Free Mental Health Services Services at some mental health clinics and other services are on a sliding scale based on income and other factors.

Examples of these organizations include: A local National Alliance on Mental Illness affiliate Universities or teaching hospitals in your area may also offer mental health services, including some free services. Mental Health Services for Veterans Through the Veteran's Administration, most veterans can get free mental health services including free mental health counseling. Related Articles. Back To Top.Los Angeles, CA - Miriam's House is a transitional sober living program that offers comprehensive social services to low income mothers and their children.

On a daily basis clients participate in a combination of in-house activities and services. Onsite programs offered include: weekly individual goal assessment, pa see clinic details.

Services: Medical Dental Optometry Mental health Social services This Clinic is based on Sliding scale fees which are variable prices for products, services, or ta see clinic details. Good Samaritan Hospital provide accessible, quality, cost-effective and compassionate health-care services that meet the needs of the patients and their families, the community and the physicians. Clinical service see clinic details.

Patients are seen on a drop-in basis for a wide variety of health care services including primary care management of respiratory, gastrointestinal and dermatological conditions. Health educa see clinic details.

Los Angeles, CA - John Tracy Clinics provides parent-centered services locally and globally to young children with hearing loss, offering families hope, guidance and encouragement.

John Tracy Clinics goals are to help children develop the speech, language and listening skills they need to thrive in the hearing see clinic details. Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic is a licensed, free, non-profit, primary health care facility which provides quality medical, counseling and related services to individuals of Echo Park, Silver Lake, East Hollywood and downtown communities of Los Angeles. Clinic services are provided by a small staf see clinic details.

The Women's Clinic creates a safe, nurturing environment where they help the clients share their experiences, identify patterns of behavior, and explore internal struggles that are impacting th see clinic details.

To Help Everyone Health and Wellness Centers provides a one stop haven for a wide range of services, including medical health services for men, women, children and teens, as well as public health and preventive education services.

John's serves patients of all ages through a Federally Qualified Health Center. Their central goal is to address the unmet needs of low income, uninsured and under-insured residents of their service area by providing access to linguistically and culturally appropriate primary medical, dental, an see clinic details.

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The outstanding professional staff of medical practitioners and team members is joined by physicians from the University of Southern see clinic details.

John's core clinical services are provided in a medical home setting. Provides patients with their own care team and assigned primary care physician. This team will guide the patient through their medical journey and support them in every way needed.

They provide a complete range of medical se see clinic details. They pro see clinic details. Los Angeles, CA - Sliding Scale QueensCare Health Center's mission is to provide quality primary healthcare that is accessible to any patient in need in the communities they serve, regardless of ability to pay.

Los Angeles, CA - Sliding Scale This innovative clinic provides both adult and pediatric preventative health care for nearby public housing project residents and the general community. This Clinic is based on Sliding scale fees which are variable prices for products, services, or taxes based on a customer's ability to pay. Los Angeles, CA - Sliding Scale Paying for health care services at Saban Community Clinic is based on a sliding-fee scale based on a patient's family size and income in accordance with federal poverty guidelines.

Los Angeles, CA - Sliding Scale The people concern provides a fully integrated system of care, including physical and mental healthcare, wellness programs, and ongoing support from case managers.

Los Angeles, CA - Sliding Scale Located less than five minutes from Skid Row, this clinic offers judgment-free medical, dental and behavioral health care. Joshua House Clinic is staffed full-time to meet the needs of the uninsured, homeless and shelter populations in Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

This cl see clinic details.Ready to seek the help of a mental health professional and you aren't sure how to get started? Consider free online therapy as an option. Today's mental health care servics are no longer bound by the four walls of your therapist's office - you can now attend free online therapy sessions with licensed therapists.

There are now options for visiting a licensed therapist via telehealth services online. This article talks about how free online therapy options can work for you please note that BetterHelp offers a free one-week trial, and is not a free online therapy service. Free online therapy makes mental health services easily accessible for everyone. When you're connected to a stable internet connection you can easily communicate with your therapist via a variety of online channels including video, text, chat, and phone - this is just as effective as face-to-face counseling.

People can use online mental health services to get help with individual issues, marriage and family issues, and intimate relationship issues. Visiting a therapist online is now more convenient than a traditional office visit and is also a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

Especially when it's free. When you enter your confidential online therapy counseling session you're digitally connected with a licensed mental health provider. It's easy to find support from trained listeners online that specialize in counseling online. Talking with a licensed professional therapist is easy when you have access to online therapy. Your mental health is extremely important. You may be wondering, "Is this too good to be true?

How can therapy be free? Why wouldn't you want a free service health treatment for free, or at little cost to you. Why wouldn't you want a free service? You may have questions and wonder if it's really possible to get mental health advice for free.

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You may also question the value that a free or low-cost online mental health session has to offer in comparison to a paid service. If you're suffering from bouts of anxiety, depression, or other debilitating mental health issues, your ultimate goal is to get relief and learn coping strategies - now.

You don't need to pay a large amount to see a therapist in their office. Counselors developed free online therapy options so that everyone suffering from mental health issues has an equally fair chance of finding relief. Take advantage of the opportunity to address some of the issues that have been creating turmoil in your life by beginning to address these challenges in a free online therapy session. You can find free counseling resources here. There are free and affordable online therapy options are available at the click of a button online.

People suffering from mental health related challenges are happy to find relief when they connect to their virtual counselor to discuss pertinent life issues related to family, child, relationship and personal issues online.

Discover the value and relief that chatting online with a BetterHelp therapist can provide BetterHelp is not a free resource. Free online therapy counseling sessions are available for individuals, couples and groups to meet the global needs of those suffering from mental health-related life challenges. Although online counseling is cheaper than traditional, face-to-face counseling, we recognize that some people cannot afford to seek online counseling.

This is why BetterHelp is offering a free one-week trial to people who are curious about free online counseling.

free therapy near me

Simply click the links under the images below to get started. We recommend starting as soon as possible and take full advantage of the free week. An online therapist has just as much authority as an offline therapist. Licensed online therapy providers can help you to identify critical relationship issues and individual issues. In some cases, the therapist that you see online and the therapist that you see in person can be one and the same.

The information that is learned in therapy doesn't decrease in value because it's online.When someone begins the search for the right therapist, they can quickly become overwhelmed with the cost per session. All that work may prematurely tempt you to end the hunt and find other ways to cope with life.

You may find that there are affordable or even free therapy services in your neighborhood. Before you pay out-of-pocket for therapy, always check with your insurance provider for local therapists that may take your insurance. You may have a very small co-pay and not know it, so it never hurts to confirm with your provider.

If you have out of network benefits, many therapists can also provide you with paperwork that you can submit to your provider for reimbursement. Just make sure that the reimbursement rate is worth paying out of pocket. If you live in a city or a college town, universities are often the best place to get low-cost or even free therapy. But almost any university will have a graduate training clinic where students are learning to be therapists or psychologists.

If you feel more comfortable working with a counselor of a specific gender or race, most university clinics will make an effort to match you with your preference. Take one of our 2-minute mental health quizzes to see if you could benefit from further diagnosis and treatment. You have nothing to lose by emailing a few expensive therapists and asking them if they offer a sliding scale fee based on income or do pro-bono work.

The ethical codes of most mental health professionals strongly suggest that they take on at least one or two pro bono clients to serve the public. Do you know if your work has an employee assistance program?

If so, you may qualify for a limited number of free counseling sessions. Many people are hesitant to ask about counseling at work, but your therapist will keep your information confidential. Employers want their employees to access services and practice good self-care, so never hesitate to talk with your human resources representative about EAP services. These services might also include additional wellness classes or other resources in addition to therapy.

Even if you live in a small community, you might be surprised what mental health resources are available to you. Community centers, hospitals, schools, and places of worship sometimes offer free or low-cost counseling.

Many community organizations also host peer-support groups groups run by people facing the same issues and recovery groups which can provide additional care. Chances are someone will be able to connect you to the right resources. These services can help you flesh out thoughts and concerns you might have before seeking therapy, and many sites will match you with listeners who are a good fit for you.

Having conversations with local resources, your employer, your insurance company, and online resources can help direct you towards the right therapist for you. Illustration: iStock. How can I find an affordable Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

Check with Your Insurance Before you pay out-of-pocket for therapy, always check with your insurance provider for local therapists that may take your insurance.What should you do if you're under a lot of stress or dealing with a mental health issue and you don't have the money for treatment?

free therapy near me

You're not alone if you're concerned about paying for mental health care. Lots of people need help and worry that they can't afford it. Some insurance companies don't cover mental health services very much, and they often have expensive copays and deductibles.

Still, it is possible to find affordable — sometimes even free — mental health care or support. When it comes to finding a counselor, start at school. School counselors and school psychologists can provide a good listening ear — for free! They can help you size up the situation you're dealing with and, if needed, refer you to more support in your county or community.

If your school counselor can't help, you'll need to do a little more research to figure out how to get help. Some of the free or low-cost mental health care possibilities to explore include:.

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If you're under 26, your mental health care should still be covered under your parent's insurance policy. To find out if you qualify for mental health assistance through these programs, call your doctor's office or hospital and ask to speak to a financial counselor.

Your school counselor also might be able to help you figure out what kind of public medical assistance you could qualify for and guide you through the process of applying. People under age 18 who live at home will need a parent or guardian to sign off on the paperwork for these programs. After that, though, your care will be confidential. A therapist won't tell parents what you've talked about — unless he or she thinks you may harm yourself or another person.

If you're feeling suicidal, very hopeless or depressed, or like you might harm yourself or others in any way, call a suicide or crisis hotline. These offer free help right away. If you need help finding any kind of services, contact your state's mental health association or the APA to find out where you can get therapy and treatment near you.

Free Mental Health Services and How to Find Them

Note: By clicking either of these links, you will be leaving the TeensHealth site. Paying for prescriptions can really drain your wallet. Here are some ways to be smart about the money you spend on medicines:. If you can't afford to refill a prescription, call the prescribing doctor. Say you're having a hard time affording your meds and need some advice. It's not unusual these days for people to ask for this kind of help, and doctor's offices often know how to get it or put you in touch with someone who can.

Navigating your way through the health care system can be confusing even for adults.

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