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Table of Contents. CM Starter System. Please visit techfeed. Data controller dc remote start for mercedes keylessgo 7 pages. Data controller dc remote start for mercedes - c class 10 pages. Remote start for mercedes - ml, gl, and r class 5 pages.

Mercedes cl class; mercedes cl class; mercedes cl class; mercedes s class; mercedes s class; mercedes s class 8 pages. Kent, WA Phone. Page 2 Starter System techfeed. Page 3: Wiring Scheme Starter System techfeed. Copyright Firstech, LLC. Page 3 Page 3 Page You have the ability to pair almost any Firstech remote s and antenna receiver to the CM This includes all 4 and 6 pin antennas.

Remote Programming: You must code remotes to this system before anything will function. Begin by cycling the ignition ON and OFF five times within 10 seconds and press and release button 1 half second on the first remote, and then press and release button 1 half second on the second remote.

Antenna and Cable Firstech antennas are calibrated for horizontal installation at the top of the windshield. The cable that connects the antenna to the control module must be free from any pinches or kinks. Installing the antenna in areas other than the windshield may adversely affect the effective transmitting distance of the remotes. Page 8 Starter System techfeed. Page 9 Starter System techfeed. You will get two parking light flashes. There is a manual override button located on the back of the EZ-GO remote.

Page 13 Starter System techfeed. This wire is powered by an internal relay in the control module. In the default position the jumper is set to 2nd Ignition. Firstech recommends using a digital multimeter when testing for tach. STEP 1: Start the vehicle with the key. Allow time for the engine to idle down. If you do not want to wait for the vehicle to idle down, you can shift the vehicle into reverse while holding your foot on the brake. Page 15 Starter System techfeed.

STEP 2: Process complete — there is no further programming required other than adjusting crank time when necessary see below.


Adjusting Crank Time: To adjust minimum crank times, refer to Option It has been redesigned with the new metal chrome look and feel. This system offers a deluxe 2-way LCD command confirming 5-button transmitter, the convenience of 24 hour start mode, cold temperature start mode, and illuminated entry mode as well as the safety of remote panic in all modes, protected valet, intrusion alert with memory and more!

Multi tone siren Two or four hour automatic start mode Remote trunk release. Do note that some solutions require additional accessories so please refer to our vehicle fit guide for more information. Type to search thousands of products.

Your Cart Is Empty. Item Total. Sales Tax. Cart Total. See more from Audiovox. Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Product Details. Multi tone siren Two or four hour automatic start mode Remote trunk release Also included with the APSC is the FlashLogic FLCAN, which supports all our vehicle integration solutions including CANBus applications for both passive anti-theft bypass transponder, Vats, Passlock, PK3, etc and convenience features such as doorlocks, trunk release, sliding door control where applicable etc.

We are an authorized Audiovox dealer. No reviews here yet. Be the first to write a review! All rights reserved.Please provide Year, Make, and Model and details of vehicle along with the install you are performing remote start, security, etc. Will need to know make and model of the aftermarket kit you are using during purchase so we can flash the module for you FREE of charge.

Product Details:. Welcome to webtron-x! Free USA Shipping.

flcan remote start

Product Description Terms Of Sale Please provide Year, Make, and Model and details of vehicle along with the install you are performing remote start, security, etc. Product Details: This product supports all our vehicle integration solutions including CANBus applications for both passive anti-theft bypass transponder, Vats, Passlock, PK3, etc and convenience features such as doorlocks, trunk release, sliding door control where applicable.

We ship Worldwide and have experience doing so since All packages are fully insured. International customers: First Class Mail International shipping does not always have tracking available.

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If you want tracking, you will need to upgrade to Priority Mail International day average range or Priority Mail Express International day average range. At times, items can get delayed by customs. Thank you for your patience. Handling time stated is for domestic orders. Some international orders may take up to 10 days before shipping if they need to be transferred to our international shipping hub in Waterford, WI.

Please email us for an exact international handling time. Delivery times to these countries in some cases may take up to 60 days. This is due to your country's strict customs regulations and is out of our control. No local pick-ups are available. All Rights Reserved.Quick Links. Owner's Guide.

FlashLogic FLRSBA PRESTIGE Product Manual

Please see your installing dealer for more information. All rights reserved. Table of Contents. If enabled, the system requires a second press of the button to activate an audible arming response from the vehicle.

Please consult your dealer for more information. Using the Personal Protection Alarm Panic Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate the personal protection alarm.

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The system will sound, the parking lights will flash 1 time and the system will check the vehicle to ensure it is safe to start. If all safety parameters are correct, the vehicle will start. To engage the Turbo Timer feature: With the vehicle running via the ignition key and your foot off of the brake pedal. This feature requires a two-part activation sequence.

The display will illuminate for 5 seconds. Press and hold for 5 seconds to access the function menu, once you have accessed the feature menu press and release to scroll through each feature and follow the steps below to adjust the settings for each.

When the batteries become weak you will notice the remote control range the distance from the vehicle the remote control will work deteriorate and the small LED on the remote control will dim. Voxx Electronics Corporation the Company warrants to the original purchaser of this product that should this product or any part thereof, other than transmitters under nor- mal use and conditions, be proven defective in material or workmanship during the life Page 17 Voxx Electronics Corporation.

Customer Service WWW. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. Show all Pe1bz Pe1bzlr Pe1btwz. Print page 1 Print document 17 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?Quick Links Download this manual.

flcan remote start

Patent No. The manufacturer will accept no responsability for any electrical damage resulting from. This device must be installed by a certified technician. Please review the.

Remote Start Systems

Installation Guide carefully before beginning any work. Table of Contents. Please review the Installation Guide carefully before beginning any work.

flcan remote start

You are now a few simple steps away Box Contents from enjoying your new remote starter unit with enhanced features. OR if the remotes are already programmed to the vehicle, press and hold the start button of the remote for 2. It programs aftermarket remote. It triggers the Valet Mode for remote start only. It triggers the Valet Mode for alarm only.

It triggers the Valet Mode for remote start and alarm if the alarm override option is set to valet switch Menu 3, Option It sets a new custom to 9 times, to set the tenths digit from 1 to 9. Solid RED Module waiting for more vehicle information. Key in ignition at ON position. Door is open. It does not reset any settings confi gured online.

Disconnect all connectors from module except Reconnect all connectors. It triggers the Valet Mode. Refer to the RF-Kit user guide for aftermarket remote features and programming procedures. RF kits. This manual is also suitable for: Flrsba pursuit Flrsba code alarm Flrsba directed. Print page 1 Print document 52 pages.

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flcan remote start

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